What is Insurance and How Insurance Premium Calculated?

Types of Insurance

Know what is insurance, its importance, and gain expansion, know also its technical aspects and history. What is life and general insurance are, why it is necessary for safety, what is the benefit of this, and how does it get the exemption from taxes on insurance premiums. What is the definition of insurance and its principles? This is the only financial tool that helps you manage your financial risks easily and reduce your financial worries.



An insurance policy is a contract made by the bond in which a person or entity gets financial protection against losses from the insurance company. The company earns money by taking premium from all insured in which the risk of the customers is paid. Insurance policies are used to defend against the risk of any major or small financial loss of the insured person or his property, or a loss that may be caused by a loss or injury caused by a third party.

In modern form, the history of insurance is believed to be from Europe when merchants began to send their goods to other countries through the sea. Merchants had to save their belongings from storms and sea pirates.

Home Insurance Companies in India are:

  • Bharti AXA Home Insurance
  • Cholamandalam MS Home Insurance
  • Future Generali Home Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Home Insurance
  • Iffco Tokio Home Insurance
  • L & T Home Insurance
  • National Home Insurance
  • New India Home Insurance
  • Oriental Home Insurance
  • Raheja QBE Home Insurance
  • Reliance Home Insurance
  • Royal Sundaram Home Insurance
  • SBI Home Insurance
  • Shriram Home Insurance
  • Universal Sompo Home Insurance
  • Life insurance and General Insurance

The next question is how many types of insurance are. There are mainly two types of insurance are life and general insurance. Life insurance is the life insurance of a person in which the insured is paid, with the Sum Assure bonus, and if the insured dies, then the nominee is paid sum assured. In general insurance, the financial losses incurred due to theft, bad or damage to the accidents are compensated.

Types of Insurance

Types of Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • General Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Car Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Property Insurance

  • Marine Insurance

  • Fire Insurance

  • Long-Term Disability Coverage

  • Liability Insurance

  • Social Insurance

  • Personal Insurance

  • Property Insurance

  • Guarantee Insurance


There are many reasons to feel the need for insurance in life. Given that life is full of uncertainties, it is really important that you buy insurance as soon as possible so that you and your family can be protected from any possible harm. Insurance not only preserves you, it also gives you peace of mind. Insurance is especially important for senior citizens for whom the maturity amount received in the insurance policy is used to take care of retirement expenses.

For Investment Goals

In addition, you can use these insurance policies to meet your investment goals and plan for comfortable retirement. Insurance policy will not only take care of you, but if you do not, they will take care of your close and loved ones to pay for different needs.

Women Also Need Insurance

In today’s time, when women are making full contribution to the household’s expenditure, they should also take a life insurance cover for themselves.

Insurance Premium

An insurance premium is the amount of money that an individual or legal entity must pay for an insurance policy. The insurance premium is income for the insurance company after it earns, and also represents a liability, since the insurer must cover the requirements for the policy.

Insurance Claim

Insurance claims cover everything from death benefits on life insurance policies to routine and comprehensive medical examinations. In many cases, third party claims are made on behalf of the insured person, but usually only the persons (persons) specified in the policy are entitled to claim payment.

How is My Insurance Premium Calculated?

Insurance premium is the money charged by insurance companies for coverage. Insurance premiums for services differ from company to company, so for individuals it is recommended to buy insurance premiums.

However, it is important to note that sometimes insurance premiums are slightly different from premiums charged. The difference between the quote and the actual charge can be attributed to the way the insurance premium is calculated. The size of insurance premiums charged by insurance companies is determined by the statistics and mathematical calculations of the insurance department of the insurance company.

Premium Calculation

The level of insurance premium charged to the customer depends on the statistics that exist in the history of life, age and health. For example, an 18-year-old man driving a red sports car is more likely to pay a higher premium than a 50-year-old man who drives a four-door sedan.

Every customer applying for insurance goes through a signing process. The signing process includes the investigation of family diseases, the analysis of reports such as medical information office and reports on vehicles. Once information is collected and analyzed, it is usually analyzed by a statistician called actuaries hired by insurance companies. Analyzing the data, the actuary tries to predict how likely the insurance claimant is to claim its policy. The higher the probability of acceptance, the higher the bonuses.

Actuaries are also responsible for studying mathematical data and compiling tables of mortality and diseases, which are used to predict potential losses due to death and disease. The mortality and disease tables are mainly tables that determine the likelihood of illness and death by gender and age. Actuaries use these tables to develop models that determine how likely it is that a person will become ill or die at a certain time based on the data collected for that person. According to the results of the analysis of data and information obtained from the tables of mortality and diseases, the customer is given a reward or reward.

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