15+ Tips to Tighten Up Your Household Budget and Save More Money


Do you need to save money to have the freedom to buy what you want? We will give you 20 simple tips on how to save money:


15+ Tips to Tighten Up Your Household Budget

1) Avoid outdoor foods: Prepare your own lunch for work, and you can use the remnants of last night’s dinner.

2) Buy food and groceries you really need: Before going to the supermarket make a list and do purchase only those you have listed on your list and keep in mind always stick to it. Do not make impulsive purchases and try not to shop when you are not hungry.

3) Plan your meals before shopping: If you have an idea what you will be doing during the week, you can avoid buying the food you do not need and also make better use of discounts and offers in the store.

4) Leave the car at home: Try to get a bus or ride a bicycle as far as possible. You will save money on gasoline and this is the best way to save money.

5) Stop smoking: The health benefits are obvious, but at the same time you will save the money for cigarettes.

6) Put less detergent in the washing machine: Unless your clothes are too dirty, they will be washed well and with less detergent and you can use it longer.

7) If your shampoo or shower gel decreases, add some water to the bottle. So you can use it for a few more days.

8) Wear your own bag at the supermarket, do not spend extra money on plastic bags that pollute the environment.

9) Put low-flow nozzles on your fountains and save on your water bill.

10) Consider purchasing second-hand clothes or purchase from a clothing lot market.

11) Do you pay too much for the internet? You may ask a neighbour whether you want to use an internet and share the wi-fi with them just pay them a small amount of money at the end of the month or you can make a good deal with them such as you can do some computer work for them as everyone nowadays need something that require computer skills and you will be the one who can do.

12) Baking home-made bread is much cheaper than buying it.

13) Drink more water instead of soda. The water is free of charge.

14) Sometimes clothes are worth buying something expensive and quality, instead of cheap. A quality pair of shoes will serve you much longer than cheap shoes. Just be careful not to pay for the label instead of the quality of the materials.

15) Be reasonable with carbohydrates. Potatoes are cheaper than pasta, rice or macaroni. They are also more nutritious and you can do more with them.

16) Do you constantly buy new socks because you lost one sock of the pair? Buy some sets of the same socks and it will not matter if you lose one, because everyone else will be matched.

17) Money should not be the only reason, but if you have a partner to share with, your bills will drastically decrease. If you do not want to find a partner, you can just live with a room-mate.

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